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NO Fees

Keep 100% of your revenue

Customers Don′t Mind

You get to keep 100% of your revenue with no processing fees deducted.

Customers Don′t Mind

Customers understand there are costs associated and don’t mind paying a small surcharge for the convenience.

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Credit Card Processing with ZERO fees. You keep 100% of your revenue.

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You never have to worry about paying processing fees again.

No Fees to your business

Customer Satisfaction

Simpler Accounting

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What is the amount of your average credit card transaction?


How much is your average credit card processing bill per month?


Your Savings

Your monthly processing cost


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$0.00 Non Cash Discount Charge To Customer (4%)

Fee Comparison


Traditional Credit Card Processing
Annual FeeWaived$79.99 – $199.99 Per Year
Statement FeeWaived$5.00 – $10.00 Per Month
Terminal Maintenance FeeWaived$5.00 – $19.95 Per Month
Online Access FeeWaived$3.00 – $15.00 Per Month
TIN / IRS FeeWaived$4.95 – $9.99 Per Month
ExpressWaived$9.95 – $19.95
Authorization FeeWaived$0.05 to $0.25
Transaction FeeWaived$0.05 to $0.25 Per Transaction
Interchange FeeWaived2% – 4% of Gross Credit Card Sales Volume (varies by business and card type)

Average Annual Savings


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