No Fee Credit Card Processing

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Zero Fee Processing for Credit Cards

Today, running a business has its complexities. It can be a struggle to ensure that you’re offering your customers the best and most convenient experience possible, and allowing the usage of credit cards and debit cards as a form of payment is one of the best ways of doing this. Unfortunately, merchant processing fees can be expensive, with merchants absorbing the costs that are sometimes 3-7% or more. With Zero Fees, your business won’t be charged a cent in processing fees, potentially saving you thousands per year.


Rather than charging you a percentage of each sale, we add on a very small 4% charge to each of your customers’ debit or credit card transactions. This 4% is charged to the customer and paid for by the customer. This means that if your customer’s bill is $20, we add on very small free of $.08, bringing their total bill to $20.08. This small fee covers all costs associated with our service, and you receive the amount of $20. Additionally, this processing fee is listed clearly on the receipt to avoid any confusion.

Why businesses choose us

Zero fees, zero complications

No Fees to your business

Free merchant account helps you reduce cost and improve services for your business, free of charge.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers can choose to use a card and pay the small 4% processing fee, or they can use cash with no fee at all.

Save Money on Credit Card Processing

With no cost to you or your business, you can save thousands of dollars per year on credit card processing fees.

Simpler Accounting for Merchants

By eliminating significant expenses, Zero Fees  creates simpler accounting for your business.

Why Customers Don’t Mind

Customers don’t mind surcharges because they are free to use credit or debit when it is convenient for them, all without a minimum purchase amount . If they prefer not to pay the 4% processing fee, they may elect to use cash with no fee instead. In the end, the processing fee is added to their bill as a line-item, so there is never any confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Zero-fee processing is a processing solution that allows your business to automatically pass all processing fees to your customers. This means that instead of charging you a percentage of each sale, we add a small 4% charge to each of your customers’ debit or credit card transactions.

With zero fees processing, one hundred percent of the costs will be covered by your customers, with the 4% processing fee. There are no hidden fees, absolutely no cost to your business.

Zero Fees will handle all aspects of set up except for physically displaying signage, which is still your responsibility. Zero fees handles notifying the card brands on your behalf, saving you the effort of filling out their forms yourself. Additionally, equipment is already pre-programmed for surcharging.

Zero Fees charges a 4% flat fee for each credit card transaction. The fee is added clearly to the customer’s receipt with each purchase. If a customer’s bill is $100, with zero fees’ processing charge, their total bill will be $104.00, plus any sales tax.

In the past, there have been legal issues with surcharging. In 2005, a class-action lawsuit was filed by merchants and trade associations against Visa, MasterCard and other financial institutions over interchange fees. The lawsuit was settled in 2013, ruling that surcharging is perfectly legal in all but 9 states.